Pythagoras Society History

Since 2000ce, The Pythagoras Society's activities are chiefly organised around its annual Symposium. This conference is organized as a working platform for the discussion, study and dissemination of Pythagorean thought and related works. The intention of these conferences is to create a stable research and practice group among the scientific and academic community and society in general. Below is a brief list of the previous years conference and workshop programmes.

The Pythagoras Society Symposium XLVII: Köln, Germany, 2012
"Between Religious Belief & Reason: Pythagoras– Rationalist – Mystic".
PS 2012 included workshops on “Greek Geometry and Architecture” and “The Secularist Beliefs of Religion, Individuality, and Late Antiquity".

The Pythagoras Society Symposium XLVI: Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011
“The Influence of Greek Thought on Modern Science and Mathematics”.
PS 2011 included workshops on “Mathematical Concepts and Their Origins”, “Science in Ancient Greece” and “The Mathematical Traveller”.

The Pythagoras Society Symposium XLV: Porto, Portugal, 2010
“The Theatre of Ancient Greece – Mask and Ritual”.
PS 2010 included a workshops on “Performance Art as Critical Play in Ancient Greece”, “Esoteric and Metaphysical Beliefs held by Pythagoras and his Followers” and “Pythagorean Modes of Thinking”.

The Pythagoras Society Symposium XLIV: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2009
“Pythagorean Philosophy and the Scientific Revolution”.
PS 2009 included workshops on “Platonic Solids in the Work of De Vinci”, “Copernican Theory of Heliocentrism” and a demonstration of “ Harmonic Ratios as a Basis of Islamic Musical Theory”.


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