The Pythagoras Society [PS] was founded in 1976. Its purpose is to study the life, work and influence of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. The PS explores and celebrates all that connects Pythagorean excellence in theory and practice. This examination is through philosophy, the arts and academic work including, but not limited to, textual documents, music, performance, visual art and academic research. All these tools are used to examine and recreate the traditions of the past and present.

Obtaining membership for the PS is by invitation only. The PS currently has around 300 members worldwide, all with an interest in the work of Pythagoras, whether professional or private. It is a fellowship of philosophers, artists, scientists and seekers of hidden wisdom. The Society's activities are organised around its annual Symposium.

Our Aims

The key aim of the Pythagoras Society is quality and range of communication...

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Society History

Since 2000ce, The Pythagoras Society's activities are chiefly organised around...

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